Are your door locks compliant with UK fire regulations?

Fire Regulations and Thumb Turn Locks

Under the UK fire regulations, for blocks of flats, the doors to each flat must be able to be unlocked and opened without the use of a key from the inside of the property.

Similarly, the same regulations apply to Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMO’s). In these, all bedrooms with a lock need to have a lock that can be opened without a key.

This is first and foremost due to safety reasons. If there is a fire or other emergency, a person will need to get out fast. If they have to look for a key to open the door, this could be dangerous and the delay could be potentially fatal.

Euro Cylinders and Thumb Turn Locks are compliant with UK fire regulations

If there is a Euro Cylinder lock installed (which is common) in a flat or an HMO, then they should have locks that are known as ‘thumb turn’ locks.

A key operates these locks from the outside, but from inside there is a knob that can be easily turned with your fingers.

The good news is, it is relatively simple and inexpensive to change the locks to ones compliant with UK fire regulations. So there is no excuse for not getting this done. It will ensure you comply with the law. And, more importantly, it may one day prevent the most serious of situations.

ASK Locksmiths can help

Want to know more about getting your locks changed so they have an internal thumb turn lock? Contact ASK for more information.

I regularly help landlords by providing and installing thumb turn locks, which can be opened and closed from the inside with ease. They are also sometimes called turn-and-release locks. They lock and unlock doors without needing a key. These thumb turn lock cylinders provide privacy in bedrooms and bathrooms for example. When the lock is turned it throws a bolt giving the security that is needed.

I carry a range of different sizes and can respond at short notice.

Contact your Local Authority for full details on HMO Regulations including Fire Regulations and Thumb Turn Locks. You should also talk to your insurance company because they will have rules about the locks that should be fitted in the property.

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