“November is the month that you are most likely to be burgled!”

It has been recently reported by the Daily Mail that November is the month that you are most likely to be burgled!

According to Victim Support around half a million burglaries take place each year in England and Wales, although crime overall has fallen considerably over the last few years. In fact BBC News in October of this year reported that crime had fallen by 7%, burglary still remains a common crime that affects a large percentage of the population. A recent study by LV= Home Insurance highlighted the fact that in the month of November a home in the UK is burgled every two minutes.

“Burglary is largely an opportunistic crime”

Burglary is largely an opportunistic crime, many home insurers will advise taking certain security steps to insure your home isn’t ‘easy pickings’ as according to Home Insurance Guide.co.uk, “burglars are looking for a home that gives them the easiest way of committing their crime undetected. With the fewest obstacles to negotiate.” The majority of burglars will not even use force to gain entry to a property. Two out of ten burglars according to the Home Insurance Guide.co.uk, in fact 73% of burglars use doors to gain entry and in 3% of cases the door was open (Tesco Compare).

A burglary cannot only affect a victim financially, but it can also affect how safe you feel in your home after the burglary has taken place, some may even think they are at fault if they had forgotten to secure a window or door to their home, which can be distressing and traumatic to some especially if an item of sentimental value has been stolen.

When having any type of lock upgraded or replaced for security or insurance purposes we always recommend that you contact a locksmith who can carry out a full home security and insurance compliance check as part of the service for your peace of mind.

So don’t get caught out this November

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